ELMI Ltd. Is a leading laboratory equipment manufacturer based in Europe. They focus on supplying the industry with state-of-the art technologies of extra quality and performance at a reasonable price.

The up-to-date business management methods used by ELMI allow them to operate with low costs and swiftly respond to the market’s needs. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, ELMI products are produced in the best manufacturing environment that meets strict quality controls to ensure top quality for all their products.

Country of Origin: USA

Product Range

Centrifuge/Vortex CM-70M series

Centrifuges CM-6 series

Rotator/Mixer RM-2

Shakers DOS, S-302 and DRS

Thermo-shakers DTS and MT2

Vortex mixer v-3

Water thermostats TW2 series and magnetic stirrer MS01