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1st BASE has been serving the research community with a comprehensive range of products and services since 2003. 1st BASE’s expertise includes: DNA sequencing, Fragment Analysis Service, Peptide Synthesis, Antibody Production, Proteomics Services, Next-generation Sequencing and Molecular Biology Services and Biochemicals, Buffers & Ready-to-Use Reagents.

Country of Origin: Singapore

Product Range

Biochemicals, Buffers and Reagents

Sanger Sequencing Services

Molecular Biology Services

1st BASE launches their range of Molecular Biology Reagents with new products and more product enhancements.

High Performance PCR Reagents

Product Information

Product No.Description
BIO-5110-500UTaq DNA Polymerase (recombinant), 500U
BIO-5120-1mldNTP Mix, 10mM each, 1.0ml
BIO-5125-1mldNTP Set, 100mM, 4 X 0.25ml

Products for DNA Electrophoresis 


Product Information

Product No.Description
BIO-5130-50ug100bp DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 50ug
BIO-5130-100ug100bp DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 100ug
BIO-5140-50ug1kb DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 50ug
BIO-5140-100ug1kb DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 100ug
BIO-5160-6ml6X DNA Loading Dye, 3-Colour, 6 X 1ml
BIO-5170-1mlDNA Stain, 1ml

Prestained Protein Ladder

Broad range protein ladder with an Orange reference band at ~75kDa and a Green reference band at ~25kDa

Product Information

Product No.Description
BIO-5150-250ulPrestained Protein Ladder, 3-Colour, 250ul
BIO-5150-500ulPrestained Protein Ladder, 3-Colour, 500ul

Next-Generation Sequencing Services

Fragment Analysis

Peptide Synthesis

Antibody Production

Proteomics Services

Metabolomics Services