NEW! Introducing 1st BASE PrimeWay Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits, our newly developed in-house technology!

We uphold the highest level of quality in our DNA/RNA extraction products. This commitment to quality is evidenced by the dedication of our employees to exceed above and beyond expectations and requirements.

1st BASE PrimeWay Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits guarantees

  • High Yield
  • Purity Consistency
  • Versatility
  • Convenience

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Favorgen is located in the national biotechnology park, Taiwan. It constructs its ISO qualified factory with automation system for production of high-quality molecular biology products and clinical chemical reagents. Currently, Favorgen establishes its branch offices over USA, China, Korea and Denmark and has set up its distributorship net over 30 countries in the world. Since being established, Favorgen has invested substantially in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, to provide customers with high-quality products at very competitive prices. Favorgen is committed to developing research, both in-house and through collaboration with academic and industrial partners, in order to keep offering high-quality, innovation products.


Geneaid (established in 2002) is a leading manufacturer of DNA/RNA purification products including plasmid kits, DNA extraction kits, RNA kits, virus DNA RNA kits, gel extraction kits, PCR cleanup kits, cloning kits, magnetic bead genomic DNA kits, PCR products, enzymes, protein products, DNA markers as well as high-throughput 96-Well DNA/RNA extraction kits. While serving the needs of the global biotechnology industry for 12 years, Geneaid has expanded its international distribution network to over 50 countries and continues adding to its long list of esteemed business partnerships around the world. In Taiwan, some of these partnerships include the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the CIB (Criminal Investigation Bureau), the AVRDC (World Vegetable Center), Academia Sinica and all major university labs.

Product Listing

Plasmid DNA Purification

Presto™ Endotoxin Free Mini Plasmid Kit PEH100
Presto™ Mini Plasmid Kit PDH100/PDH300
High-Speed Plasmid Mini Kit PD100/PD300
High-Speed Plasmid Mini Kit (10-50 Kb) PDL100/PDL300
High-Speed Plasmid Advance Kit PA025
Presto™ Midi Plasmid Kit Endotoxin Free PIFE25
Presto™ Midi Plasmid Kit PIF025
Geneaid™ Midi Plasmid Kit Endotoxin Free PIE25
Geneaid™ Midi Plasmid Kit PI025
Presto™ Plasmid DNA Concentration Kit
Geneaid™ Maxi Plasmid Kit Endotoxin Free PME10/PME25
Geneaid™ Maxi Plasmid Kit PLUS Endotoxin Free PME10+/PME25+
Geneaid™ Maxi Plasmid Kit PM010/PM025
Geneaid™ Maxi Plasmid Kit PLUS PM010+/PM025+
Presto™ 96 Well Plasmid Kit 96PDC04/96PDC10 96PDV04/96PDV10
Gel ExtractionGel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit DF100/DF300
GenepHlow™ Gel Extraction Kit DFG100/DFG300
GenepHlow™ Gel/PCR Kit DFH100/DFH300
Presto™ Max Gel/PCR Kit DFL100/DFL300
Small DNA Fragments Extraction Kit DF101/DF301
Presto™ 96 Well Gel Extraction Kit 96DFG04/96DFG10
GenepHlow™ DNA Cleanup Maxi Kit DFM010/DFM025
Gel Extraction Tool GXT025
PCR CleanupGenepHlow™ PCR Cleanup Kit DFC100/DFC300
GenepHlow™ Gel/PCR Kit DFH100/DFH300
Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit DF100/DF300
Presto™ Max Gel/PCR Kit DFL100/DFL300
Small DNA Fragments Extraction Kit DF101/DF301
Presto™ 96 Well PCR Cleanup Kit 96DFH04/96DFH10
GenepHlow™ DNA Cleanup Maxi Kit DFM010/DFM025
GenepHlow™ DNA Cleanup Midi Kit DFI100/DFI300
Genomic DNA PurificationgSYNC™ DNA Extraction Kit GS100/GS300
Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) GB100/GB300
Genomic DNA Maxi Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) GDM010/GDM025
Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Tissue) GT050/GT100/GT300
Genomic DNA Maxi Kit (Plant) GPM010/GPM025
Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Plant) GP100
Geneius™ Micro gDNA Extraction Kit GMB100/GMB300
Presto™ Buccal Swab gDNA Extraction Kit GSK100/GSK300
Presto™ Mini gDNA Bacteria Kit GBB100/101/GBB300/301
Presto™ Mini gDNA Yeast Kit GBY100/GBY300
Presto™ 96 Well Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 96GBP04/96GBP10
Presto™ 96 Well Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 96GPP04/96GPP10
gSYNC™ 96 Well DNA Extraction Kit
Total RNA PurificationTotal RNA Mini Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) RB050, RB100, RB300
Total RNA Mini Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) RBD050, RBD100, RBD300 with DNase
Total RNA Mini Kit (Tissue) RT050, RT100, RT300
Total RNA Mini Kit (Tissue) RTD050, RTD100, RTD300 with DNase
Total RNA Mini Kit (Plant) RP050, RP100, RP300
Total RNA Mini Kit (Plant) RPD050, RPD100, RPD300 with DNase
Presto™ Mini RNA Bacteria Kit RBB050, RBB100, RBB300
Presto™ Mini RNA Bacteria Kit RBBD050, RBBD100, RBBD300 with DNase
Presto™ Mini RNA Yeast Kit RBY050, RBY100, RBY300
Presto™ Mini RNA Yeast Kit RBYD050, RBYD100, RBYD300 with DNase
miRNA Isolation Kit RMI050
RNase-Free DNase I Set
Tri RNA ExtractionGENEzol™ Reagent GZR050/GZR100/GZR200
GENEzol™ TriRNA Bacteria Kit GZB050/GZB100/GZB200
GENEzol™ TriRNA Bacteria Kit GZBD050/100/200 with DNase
GENEzol™ TriRNA Pure Kit GZX050/GZX100/GZX200
GENEzol™ TriRNA Pure Kit GZXD050/GZXD100/GZXD200 with DNase
TriRNA Pure Kit TRP050/TRP100/TRP200
TriRNA Pure Kit TRPD050/TRPD100/TRPD200 with DNase
GENEzol™ 96 Well TriRNA Pure Kit 96GZX04/96GZX10
DNA RNA Protein Extraction
Presto™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit DR050/DR100
Presto™ DNA/RNA/Protein Extraction Kit DRP050/DRP100
GENEzol™ Reagent GZR050/GZR100/GZR200
Viral DNA/RNA ExtractionVirus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit II VR050/VR100/VR300
Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit III VI050/VI100/VI300
Plant Virus RNA Kit PVR050/PVR100