Toyobo is a leading manufacturer of enzymes and reagents for life science research and industrial fields based on our original technologies about PCR enzymes. It consists of specially engineered ezymes with high efficiency according to various unique PCR enzymes, kits and PCR related products as shown below:

EnzymeProduct NameApplicationPCR Product Ends
High fidelity DNA polymeraseKOD -Plus- Neo   Cloningblunt
KOD FX Neo- Genotyping - Cloning high G/C*applicable with crude sampleblunt
KOD Dash- Colony PCR - Detectionmixed (blunt &
KOD -Plus- Mutagenesis Kit-
Tth DNA polymeraserTth DNA Polymerase - General PCR  - RT-PCR3'-dA
RT-PCR Quick Master Mix   One-step RT-PCR3'-dA
Taq DNA polymeraseQuick Taq® HS DyeMix - Colony PCR  - General PCR3'-dA
Blend Taq® -Plus- - General PCR (longer target)  - Colony PCR  - Detectionmixed
(blunt &

cDNA synthesis Kits

Toyobo has various kits for cDNA synthesis based on the genetically improved M-MLV reverse transcriptase "ReverTra Ace®". ReverTra Ace -α-® is an efficient and convenient kit to synthesize high quality cDNA. This kit contains the highly efficient reverse transcriptase "ReverTra Ace®", as well as other components optimized for the synthesis of long cDNAs suitable for RT-PCR.

Product NameApplicationLong cDNA
Master MixRecommend PCR enzymes
ReverTra Ace -α-®Conventional
(> 10 kb)
KOD –Plus- series
KOD FX series
Taq-based PCR reagent
ReverTra Ace® qPCR RT KitqPCR+
(< 5 kb)
Realtime PCR Master Mix series
KOD –Plus- series
KOD FX series
Taq-based PCR reagent
ReverTra Ace® qPCR RT Master MixqPCR+
(< 5 kb)
ReverTra Ace® qPCR RT Master Mix with gDNA RemoverqPCR+
(< 5 kb)
SuperPrep® Cell Lysis & RT Kit for qPCRqPCR from
cultured cells
(< 5 kb)