Abnova is the world's largest antibody manufacturer. We have the capacity of generating 300 mouse monoclonal antibodies and 200 rabbit polyclonal antibodies per month. Rather than the traditional method of antibody production, Abnova is taking a genomic/proteomic approach for the antibody development. Our goal is to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in human genome. We manufacture all our products, recombinant proteins and antibodies in our state-of-the-art production and SPF animal facilities. We also have multiple clones for the monoclonal antibody, and their access is available to partners and collaborators from the academic institutions and industry.


Unlike many other antibody companies, our scientists are dedicated to developing the most comprehensive collection of Antibody Duos and Antibody Panels. Pathway duos identifies protein-protein relationships, PTM duos detect total and modified form of target proteins, Control duos and ELISA duos accelerate experimental procedures. Antibody Panels consist of several antibodies grouped together according to their scientific relevance.


CusAb Antibody Platform has more than 40000 antibodies at present, including common human antibodies, model organism related antibodies, molecular antibodies, secondary antibodies, conjugated antibodies and tag-control antibodies. Further more, the number of CusAb antibodies is continuing to grow at a rate of 4000 kinds per year. CusAb antibody QC department owns a professional technical team, matching with advanced experimental apparatus. Besides, our QC department has set up the ChIP platform, so CusAb antibodies not only could offer Biotin、FITC、HRP conjugation, but also could be applied in ELISA、WB、IHC、IP and ChIP. CusAb is devoted to offer high-quality antibodies with high affinity and specificity for you.


GeneTex is proud to offer the highest quality antibody reagents supported by extensive research, development, and validation. We are committed to the highest standards of product performance, and our scientists are dedicated to the goal of accelerating your discovery.