All Cells

AllCells is a biotechnology company dedicated to providing global researchers and biomanufacturing organizations with a dependable supply of biologically relevant, high quality primary cells that enable drug discovery, development, and manufacturing of cell therapies. Leveraging its expertise in hematology and immunology cell isolations, combined with on-site whole blood and bone marrow tissue collection operations, AllCells maintains direct access to a large repository of diverse donor profiles that can be further screened and qualified for biomedical applications. Utilizing its contiguous cell processing facilities, freshly collected tissue is immediately processed into purified cell types with unparalleled quality consistency. This optimal work-flow provides for the highest viability, purity, and cell count available. Fresh or frozen cells are shipped worldwide, or fresh cells can be immediately utilized in fee-for-service cell-based assays, AllCellutions™ – delivering cell culture results/data to meet client project timelines.

Country of Origin:  USA

Product Range


Epitope Tag Antibody – Detection of Tag-fusion proteins


Signal Enhancer HIKARI

Signal Enhancer Hikari - Signal Enhancer for Western Blotting and ELISA

Signal Enhancer Hikari for Immunostain – Detect protein of interest with Immunostain procedures