Favorgen is located in the national biotechnology park, Taiwan. It constructs its ISO qualified factory with automation system
for production of high-quality molecular biology products and clinical chemical reagents. Currently, Favorgen establishes its branch offices over USA, China, Korea and Denmark and has set up its distributorship net over 30 countries in the world. Since being established, Favorgen has invested substantially in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, to provide customers with high-quality products at very competitive prices. Favorgen is committed to developing research, both in-house and through collaboration with academic and industrial partners, in order to keep offering high-quality, innovation products.

Country of Origin:  Taiwan

Product Range

96-well Dye Remover

DNA Fragment Purification

EtBr Destroyer

Genomic DNA Extraction

Plasmid DNA Extraction

Plastic Consumables

RNA Extraction

Soil DNA Isolation Mini Kit

Stool DNA Isolation Mini Kit