Nacalai Tesque

Nacalai Tesque products are not only used in Japan but also all over the world. Nacalai Tesque products are of integral importance and are used in universities, research facilities and private corporations in the fields of bio and nanotechnology, development of new drugs and materials, and in environmental analysis.

Country of Origin:  Japan

Product Range


Epitope Tag Antibody – Detection of Tag-fusion proteins

Nacalai Tesque carries an impressive variety of antibodies.Apart from a wide range of secondary antibodies, recently tag antibodies are developed in increased numbers. Currently available tagged antibody types are: GFP, c-Myc, His, V5, GST. Most of these types are available in POD coupled form as well. Uniquely, GFP (Rat IgG2a) is suitable for immunohistochemical detection!

Feature / Benefits: 

  • Immunohistochemical application
  • Rat monoclonal antibody


Product nameGradeStorageCode No.Quantily
Anti-GFP (Rat IgG2a), Monoclonal (GF090R)BCR04404-2650µg
Anti-c-Myc (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (MC045)BCR04362-7650µg
Anti-GFP (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (GF200)BCR04363-6650µg
Anti-GST (Mouse IgG2a-κ), Monoclonal (GS019)BCR04435-8450µg
Anti-V5 (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (V5005)BCR04434-9450µg
Anti-6xHis (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (HI192)BCR04428-2650µg


Signal Enhancer HIKARI

Signal Enhancer HIKARI is for Western Blotting, dot blotting and ELISA. It improves antigen-antibody reactions. It resolves the problems of low sensitivity and high background.

Simply dilute antibodies with Signal Enhancer instead of diluents such as PBS or TBS. No additional steps are required!



  • Enhances antigen-antibody reactions
    Increases signals several times to several tens of times higher
  • Easily removes background
    Increases the specificity of your antibodies
  • Works with any substrate
    Enhances both chemiluminescence and colorimetric detection
  • Works with any membrane
    Enhances signal on nitrocellulose and PVDF membrane
  • Ready-to-use
    Just dilute your antibodies with Signal Enhancer HIKARI. No additional steps are required



Please call our Product Specialist for more detailed information.

Signal Enhancer Hikari - Signal Enhancer for Western Blotting and ELISA

Signal Enhancer HIKARI resolve the problems of low sensitivity and high background often encountered during procedures such as Western blotting and ELISA. Witness a more effective assay with Signal HIKARI instead of conventional diluents such as PBS and TBS to detect the protein of interest.


  • Enhances antigen-antibody reactions
  • Reduces background
  • Works with any substrate
  • Ready-to-use reagent

Ordering information

Product nameKit ContentsGradeStorageProduct No.PKG Size
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting and ELISASolution A for primary antibodies

Solution B for secondary antibodies

(50ml each)
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting and ELISA Solution A02272-74250ml
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting and ELISA Solution B02297-64250ml

Detection enhancement of Rac1 with treatment of HIKARI in Western blotting

Treatment with Signal Enhancer HIKARI resulted in clear signal, whereas dilution with conventional PBS-T resulted in no signal.

Signal Enhancer Hikari for Immunostain – Detect protein of interest with Immunostain procedures

Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain resolves the problems of low sensitivity and high background often encountered during immunostain procedures. Signal Enhancer HIKARI produces a significant increase in the ability to detect protein of interest and eliminate unwanted background.

Feature / Benefits:

  • Enhances signals
  • Reduces background
  • Ready-to-use reagent
  • Works with any system - applicable to colorimetric, chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection

Specifications: Product information

Product NameProduct NumberPKG Size
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Trial Set*02363-711 set (5 ml each)
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Solution A02373-5420ml
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Solution B02375-3420ml

*Note: Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Solution A and B exhibit different enhancing effects, depending on antigens and antibodies. These solutions can be used independently and a Trial set is available to help researchers select the suitable solution for their use.

Brain tissue section was stained with secondary antibody conjugated with AF555 (red) and counter stained with Hoechst dye (blue).